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happy holidays all

well i realize with the darkness i have portrayed in the past and my negative attitude/mood this last 2 years given to certain unfortinate circumstances i am probably the last person some of you would expect this from but it comes from the heart nonetheless.

i hope the season is treating you all well, and i hope the mojority of you are finding joy in simple comforts or not so simple. i know, as i have done myself many times, that alot of you want better jobs, a better g/f or b/f, or just a significant other in general, more money, and all that good jazz. and though i do not disagree for i wouldnt mind having this stuff myself, please in good times and in bad times remember that no matter how much you get down about these things and how much you want them, THINGS CAN ALWAYS GET MUCH WORSE.

i recently over the last month or so have had visions, read things, and had some soul siercing conversations that have changed my outlook on life. i have realized that no matter how much i may want some of these things, in the end it is no more than greed. i have life made for me, may not be the best life out there, but it is what i have made for myself, and i realized i am dam proud of it.

so in the spirit of inspiration and fucking jolliness, please everyone remember these words and have a great holliday season, and dammit continue on afterwards too.

oh and one more thing, but deffinatly not the least important.
honor/ remember/ respect/ and above all show all these things to our troops that are doing everything they can for us all over the world. and just try and think of how they get to spend their lives right now and then just try and be depressed over your great lives.

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